Thursday, March 27, 2008

Full Squish Travel bike

So an unexpected fringe benefit of the Ventana rear end full suspension bikes I build is that they can be packed into airline-legal luggage. This is Nick's 3" travel race bike (it's 24.5 pounds, which is IMO pretty crazy for a full suspension 29er - there will be another post all about it at some point).

Nick forwarded me these before/after pictures. It took about an hour to disassemble and pack, though I think he'll get quicker at it with a little practice - it's actually easier than packing an S&S frame, I think. Pretty sweet - kinda makes me wish I'd built myself one of these, especially given the skyrocketing price of couplers (a WW hardtail with couplers is $1500 - not much cheaper than a $1750 full suspension frame that will fit into the same case).

It's freaking snowing again here. So I have no excuse for not getting a lot of work done.

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