Monday, February 04, 2008

United raises fees for bikes

Get your S&S or Ventana full sussers ready, 'cause taking a bike on the plane just got pricier. From the UAL website:

Bicycle Allowance/Requirements
Non-motorized bicycle must be prepared for travel by the customer. United does not provide tools. Handlebars must be turned sideways and protruding pedals and accessories must be removed. The bicycle must be contained in a protective/durable case, bag or box.

Travel before May 5, 2008:
Within U.S./Canada: $85.00 USD
Travel on/after May 5, 2008:
Within U.S./Canada: $100.00 USD

Maximum size/weight
50 pounds/62 linear inches

...and you know that all the other airlines will follow suit. $100 for a bike?!? Makes me wonder if the era of cheap air travel will be over soon.


Anonymous said...

United is also only going to charge for a second checked bag. Only 1 checked bag for free now.

Penny said...

I hate check-in luggage anyways, jet-setting and all, regardless, 99.9% of travelers I meet overpack to begin with. Let's start weighing passengers, and charge by the pound, by which we will kill two birds with one stone. Ps. Walt, your forks are awesome sexy!

Anonymous said...

I used to travel with carry on only, but with all the new security rules in place that is a pain and you would think it would now be impossible for an airline to loose your bag!