Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some new stuff

Word. Here's Daniel's new FR 29er frame and shock. Don't panic, Dan, the color came out fine. My camera was just acting weird. Weight came out a tiny bit heavier than I wanted at a smidge over 7.5 pounds (with the shock) but there were some aesthetic considerations that ended up requiring a straightgauge seattube (porky) as well as a toptube/seattube brace (again, extra weight). Then again, it's a 5" travel 29er, so it's really meant for hucking off rocks on long steep downhills. You just get a little better workout going up this way.

Other interesting (maybe) item back from powdercoat is Dave's stem (don't worry, D, that's not your fork, I just used it to pose the stem). Came out nice. I'm missing one of the bolts, though, so I can't ship it until next week, or until I find the bolt (not likely, given the current state of the shop).

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