Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday morning news

Sarah decided it was time for me to have a haircut. Since I'm a huge geek, I wanted to see how much faster I'd be. Here's the answer - I lost 14 grams! Olympics, here I come!

In other news, I also built another stem yesterday. I think it came out really nicely - 31.8mm clamp, 15 degree drop, nice and beefy for my DH bike. Shiggy provided the reamed out rack mounts that I used as pinchbolts. I'll try to post another pic when I eventually get around to having it powdercoated.


Anonymous said...

You should have left it longer.
2 years ago I cut my hair for the first norba and lost 50 grams.


Anonymous said...

I love your "about me" description. Gave me a good laugh. And the hair thing. Boy you are silly!

Feldy said...

Dude, the problem isn't that you cut your hair and weighed it. The problem is that you felt the need to take a picture of your hair on the scale (as if your faithful readers wouldn't believe how much it weighed) and then post said picture on your blog.

Walt said...

Shut up, Feldy. Jeez, what do you know? Chicks named after Van Morrison songs dig my hair pictures, apparently, so there!