Sunday, December 09, 2007

A good picture will *always* make the blog

Eric took a good shot of his bike, and it reminds me of the conditions here- we had a sort of mini-blizzard last night. Spent 6 hours getting to and from a Nuggets game - that was not even close to worth the time investment. I should have been home drinking hot chocolate and reading a book.

Inexplicably, I typed the wrong number into my frame geometry calculator at some point when doing Eric's frame and made the standover WAY too high, so it's coming back for a toptube removal and replacement. I feel like an idiot, but when you're in the business of making custom stuff, you gotta make sure it's right the first time, and I managed to screw it up. Satisfaction guaranteed, baby! Time to go spend some more money at the powdercoater...

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Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

I usually feel the same way about Chiefs or Royals games. Not worth the effort time or money. I'd rather watch it on TV and do something else if the game sucks.