Friday, October 26, 2007

29er? Screw that, give me a 24!

This bike is so much fun it astounds me. 24" wheels, 12" bottom bracket height, 72/72 head and seat angles, 15" chainstays, rigid, one gear. I built it entirely out of recycled tubes (ie, stuff I messed up or cut too short), Millertime gave me the brake, Theo gave me the wheels, and I scrounged everything else except the bar and stem from the parts bin. Total cost: $18. Not bad!

Happily, it dirtjumps just as well as I was hoping it would, and it's super nimble on the pump track too. Miguel and I wore ourselves out at the Fix jumps this afternoon - good times!

Note that given that a pretty decent BMX costs about $200, I'm not planning to start selling custom BMX bikes anytime soon. Still, I think this bike is really fun and I thought maybe someone else was bored on Friday afternoon and would want to read about it. Maybe I'll get Miguel to take some pictures of me jumping next week so you can see how bad I suck at it...

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Anonymous said...

let's see you sportin' the tabletop over the doubles - cruiser sizing is awesome for dirt tracks and sounds like it would be a ton of fun on a pump track - please keep us updated on your project.