Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shots of Tony's frame, brief race report

I thought this frame came out looking really nice, though the photos don't look as good as real life. It's a custom front triangle mated to a slightly tweaked Ventana rear end - built for 4" front/4" rear travel, 71.5 head angle, 455mm chainstays, and 13.4" BB height (without sag). I was surprised to see that the frame (without the shock) weighed exactly 2900 grams - that's really not too bad, especially considering that I wasn't particularly aiming to make it light. With a fancy shock, you could easily end up with a <7 pound frame. Cool.

In other news, today wasn't my day at the races - I was planning to just ride hard up the opening 2000 foot climb and then dropping out/pulling over, since my shoulder isn't really up to race speed descending. The field was super fast, with JHK and other luminaries in attendance. And I felt like crap - managed to sneak into the top 10 or so near the top of the climb, but blew up so bad subsequently that I had to walk a couple of sections. Didn't have the legs, c'est la vie.

Fuentes flatted, Brian felt terrible and finished 17th, Sonya bonked, Yuki flatted 3 times (but still finished!). Sarah was the only one who had a decent race - she finished first in her expert group, and 12th overall out of all experts and pros (and she even beat a couple of the pros!) So at least we salvaged one decent ride.


Anonymous said...

damn walt!!

that thing is fuckin awesome!!!

you did a super smooth job integrating the pivot bosses and such!

Nick #250

Anonymous said...

Well, I was only fifth for beginners (second in age group), but I did finish in the top half of the beginner/sport combo, too!


Walt said...

Doh! I forgot to mention you. You're gonna win the beginner overall, right?