Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boulder STXC round 2

Good fun was had by all - in the men's B race, Jason Boardman pulled a top 10 of some kind, though we're not sure exactly where. Sarah did well in the women's A race, and finished somewhere in the top 10 as well, despite being knocked over by a slower rider on one of the short but steep climbs on the course.

By the time the men's A race was ready to start, the air was thick with dust, and the sun was dropping behind the mountains, making for very interesting/low visibility. We had a HUGE field again this week - probably 35 guys, and I had my usual lousy start. Chased hard, but never cracked the top 10. Jung and I sprinted for the finish, with Jung beating me out by 2 feet. But hey, I finished, and didn't flat, so I'm happy. Still coughing up dust this morning, though.

A few pictures:

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Steve Z Photography said...

What? You have a blog?! Hey you should post something else other than local bike racing. Snooze. Maybe pictures of people puking dust at the short track, that would be cool! Too bad 953 didn't work out better.