Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pictures of Fuentes from Fontana

Thought y'all might enjoy these. There are a bunch more, but I decided to pick the best 3. All of Fuentes in the Fontana XC, where he finished (I think) 28th. Not too shabby!


Sonya said...

Sweet photos! Brian is one hot guy. Looks like that bike makes him superfast! :)

monk3y mike wellborn said...

What's up with semi-Headshok on the front? Is that a custom Walt job?

Walt said...

Hey Mike -

It's a custom suspension fork built by me around an Actiontec (essentially a headshok) hydraulic unit. 60mm travel, no maintenance, and under 3 pounds. Pretty cool. Fuentes likes it a lot.


Anonymous said...

How much does a fork like that run?