Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's... sort of... done!

And no, I haven't gotten any "real" riding in on it, but I've taken it off some sweet jumps at the research park and ridden Betasso on it. Rides nice, though I need softer springs for the fork and the rear shock (surprise, surprise) doesn't get the 2.25" stroke it advertised. Gotta do some cable stops and such as well, and countersink the bolts that hold the chainstay bridge in place - my calves can rub them when climbing, which is really annoying.

For those of you who are interested:
-37 pounds as built. Still needs a front derailleur and a shifter, though.
-5" travel fork, 6.5" travel rear (in theory, in practice, 6" due to the shock stroke being too short)
-150mmx12mm rear generic hub, 20mm front generic hub, Rhynolite rims and straightgauge spokes.
-Nevegal 29x2.2 tires, generic tubes.
-LX crankset, eggbeater pedals, LX rear derailleur and cassette.
-XTR integrated brake/shift lever w/XT left lever, XTR/Deore brake calipers.
-El cheapo Kalloy riser bar and stem (the bar weighs an amazing 450 grams!)
-Thomson post and flite saddle. With the 410 post, I can just *barely* get the saddle high enough to ride XC on this bike.

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