Saturday, April 14, 2007

A blast from the past...

No pictures in this post, though I promise to do some of the progress on the DH sled next time.

My pal Lee (who went to Colorado College with me in the late 90s) came into town with some New Mexico boys and we hit the Spot for some bouldering on Friday night. Good times - I hadn't seen Lance (a NM climber from way back) in years, and it was great bouldering with old friends and talking about all the nice climbing that I haven't seen in years. Then this morning Sarah, Feldman and I rode up to Gold Hill and then hit a few trails I'm not allowed to mention here. A nice 5 hour ride, some Mr. Kim for dinner ($4 feeds two!) and a couple of brews later, and I'm sitting here blogging while I wait for my turn for the bathtub. Nice!

Tomorrow we'll either hit Devil's Backbone, or go ride Logan Mill (another nice big climb - we did like 4000 feet today) with Fuentes and Sonya. I'm thinking the latter, because Sarah wants to till the garden, and I want to work on the DH bike a bit so that I can have it ready to ride soon. Curiak has offered to lend me his modified Rockshox Lyrik (160mm travel) fork, and I'm hoping to get everything ready within the next month or so. We'll see.

I'll try to take some photos tomorrow and hence manage a more interesting post.

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