Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sun, sun, sun.

We've had a couple of 50-60 degree days in a row, which means that riding a bike is possible again - and the streets are finally clear of snow. Apparently Denver just missed setting a record (for Denver, that is) for longest continuous snow coverage - the old record was 62 days, and we made it 61 this time. Not something I'm super psyched about, but still interesting. If I survive this winter, I think I can handle anything.

Here's the latest project (CAD work courtesy of the fine Mr. Feldman). Care to speculate what the heck this sucker is? Don't worry, there will be more info soon, as well as some blast-from-the-past type posts that will make you laugh.


Cellarrat said...

Downhill 29er?

Just a guess....

Isaac in MN said...

Well... looking at the drawing which states all dimensions are in inches leads me to believe that Andre the Giant may have risen from the dead and required a custom steed to get into wrestling shape. Am I right?

Actually the picture's name sorta gives it away.... nice looking for sure!