Monday, February 12, 2007

Delays, delays

I was going to post some neat pictures of Fuentes' Actiontec-suspended 29er this week, but it's waiting for some brakes (and some other stuff) and as such, it's still in pieces. He's pretty excited about it - mostly because he's a big weight weenie, and the XL-size frame/fork/headset are under 7.5 pounds. We'll see how well he likes having 60ish millimeters of travel after riding on a Reba all of last year, though.

So not much bike news to report. I've been doing a decent amount of reading - the Boulder public library will send you a book by mail for $1, which is a pretty sweet deal, but for a geek like me (I read probably a book a day in a good week) it starts to add up fast. But when the choice is a 30 minute bike ride across town, or a few clicks of the mouse, it's awfully hard to stop myself. I shudder to think how broke I'd be if I actually bought books.

Best couple of books I can recall in the last month, in the off chance anyone wants to read them, were The Anubis Gates, by Tim Powers, a biography of J Robert Oppenheimer called American Prometheus, and an annotated version of The Princess Bride (the story, of course, is by Morgenstern, but the abridgement/screenplay was written by William Goldman, who provides some nice notes about how he approached the slash-and-burn/edit process). I've also been reading the "Dresden Files" books by Jim Butcher, which are embarrassingly badly written (not that I could improve upon them, though) but pretty killer, story-wise. I hear there's a TV version of the series now on the SciFi channel, but since we don't have TV, I'll have to miss out on being disappointed by it.

Don't worry, the blog will keep on mostly being about bikes. I swear. Lots of pictures of stuff on the gram scale and rumors from inside "the industry", plus Walt's secret training tips, coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Walt

Check out
It's like netflix, but for books.

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Reading is good for you. $1 a book is a pretty good deal. It's always such a pain in the ass to check out books and then remember to return them on time. Cheers.