Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Secret Birthday Bike - Rusty's FS

This bike never showed up on the waitlist, because it was partially a surprise for my good friend Rusty (his birthday was yesterday) from me and his lovely wife Natasha.

But it's worthy of a writeup, since I'm incredibly jealous of it and most of the parts have been hidden in the back of my garage for like a month so that Rusty wouldn't catch wind of what was going on.

So, first, the bike is way fancy, obviously. And it's way light - 23.5 pounds as shown, and it'll be pushing 23 once Rusty puts his fancy seatpost and saddle (shown are my old junker Bonty saddle from the mid-90s and a Thomson I had sitting around) on there. If you really went nuts on a few parts (cassette, rear derailleur, tires, ti bolts, etc) I bet you could get to 22. Wow.

100mm travel front and rear
71* head tube, 71* seat tube. Rusty has LOOONG femurs, so it's a very slack seat tube angle, and consequently a shorter front center (65.7cm) than you'd expect given the toptube length.
109.5cm/43.1" wheelbase
62cm/24.4" toptube, 50cm/19.7" seat tube, 77.5cm/30.5" standover
44cm/17.3" chainstays
13.5" (unsprung) BB height
130mm/5.2" head tube, for a tapered steerer
Direct mount for a front derailleur, if Rusty ever decides to run one.

And of course, there's the parts spec. Rusty geeked out about pretty much every part on the bike (except a few bits like the wheels that we surprised him with):
-Enve 29" XC rims laced to DT 240 hubs (15mm front, 10mm rear)
-Easton EC90 bar, Ritchey WCS stem and foam grips, Easton EC90 post (not shown), SLR saddle (not shown)
-Fox RLC 100mm taper fork and King HS.
-M970 cranks, Crank Bros with ti spindles, Paul chainguide
-X9 shifter and rear derailleur, PG1080 11-36 cassette, Homebrew 36t ring
-Magura MT-6 brakes (I am very impressed with these) and Storm SL rotors
-Ikon 2.2 tires front and rear.

What would something like this set you back? About $6200.

How does it ride? Well, so far we've only ridden it around the parking lot, so who knows, but I will say this - it is disconcertingly light, and disconcertingly stiff. Those are probably both good things. I'll get the full report from Rusty when he's back in TX on dry trails.


mike said...

Nice! Could not make up my mind whether to ride road or dirt today, this post helped me make up my mind.

Dave said...

Dayumm, that is a sweet ride.I thought I was going to get big-time sticker shock when you talked about fancy spec. But for that spec, it's not too bad when you compare it to big-mfg bikes of the same spec. I can't believe I'm saying that about a $6100 bike, but it actually seems true. Well done, Walt. Rusty is a lucky dude!

Buzz said...

THAT is a nice freakin' bike!!

Nice craft there Walt!

Luis G. said...


Dan O said...

Super cool bike. Very impressive. That blue also rocks.

MG said...

That's awesome...