Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cold War Repairs

Miguel got this beast in Germany - it's a 40+ year old East-German manufactured travel bike. It folds in half - because they welded a DOOR HINGE (with a nice junky quick release) into the middle of the boom (the combo top/down tube). The best part is that the original lights (powered by a little dynamo that runs off the front wheel) still work! Other than the rear tire, it's all original, and it rides surprisingly well. I still have no idea what the name of the bike is - "Mifo"? "Mufo"? "Mijo"? Apparently the people in charge of fonts weren't doing much better than the rest of the communist apparatus back then. I've decided to just call it the "Milf".

Unfortunately, Miguel is 6'5" tall, and the seatpost was WAY too short, so we cut it in half, turned the halves down a bit on the lathe, and pressed/welded them into a piece of 4130 tubing to extend it. Definitely some of my finest work. Plus I earned myself a bottle of wine from the Chilean fool.

Spent some fun times riding trails, eating, and then building up Eszter's new 'cross bike yesterday. Eszter, as always, committed her verbal diarrhea to the electronic page for everyone's benefit. She writes pretty well, for a girl. Doesn't Chris look kinda fat?

Hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Miguel he should upgrade. The new version looks really comfy:

And it's MIFA.